Easter from The Century House is SOLD OUT - THANK YOU!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Family Meals for Pick-up & Delivery!
Each family meal SERVES 4 and includes a house salad, rolls and butter,
and your choice of apple or berry cobbler.


Prime Rib | 99.50
Prime rib, red potatoes, chef vegetables

Roasted Salmon | 80
Roasted salmon with sweet pea rice, chef vegetables

Chicken Oscar | 80
Chicken, lobster, grains, asparagus, lemon sauce

Traditional Honey Ham | 80
Bone-in honey ham, red potatoes, chef vegetables

Beef Short Rib | 80
Beef short rib, red potatoes, chef vegetables

Tortellini Bolognese | 70
Cheese tortellini, hearty bolognese sauce


Each of the following does not include any accompaniments

Pan of Lobster Mac N Cheese | 45
Serves 4 - 5

Lamb & Filet Stew | 43
Lamb, filet tips, carrots, potatoes, onions with 6 biscuits

Chocolate Mousse | 20
Our famous chocolate mousse - we'll send the toppings, too! (Serves 4)