Enjoy One, Share One

Sustained Giving Program

Sustained Giving Program

In 2009 Colin J. DeMers, the Managing Partner at The Century House, felt that more than ever with the economy, it was time to look at a new approach for business that was socially responsible and would be a sustained giving business model that would work to help others and one that everyone from staff to patrons could participate in at no cost and feel good about.

This was the basis for the creation of Enjoy One Share One, which was launched in June 2009 and has now provided more than 1,000,000 meals (with the number growing daily) to those who are hungry through the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and changed the way The Century House does business.

For all guests of The Century House who order an entrée for take-out, in the dining room, banquet, meeting or wedding, or spend a night in any one of the hotel rooms, The Century House provides one meal in each guests honor through the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York.

Guests are encouraged to sign the "Book of Giving" at the end of their meal. This book serves as a reminder of each donation made in the guests honor.