Before and After, a Century House Happily Ever After

37083407 At The Century House, we take happily ever after seriously...transforming dreams into reality is what we do! Our ballrooms have been enchanted forests, farmhouse celebrations, and winter wonderlands. The Century House has 10 event rooms and an outdoor tent, and there are endless possibilities. Capturing couples' visions and weaving them into their perfect Upstate NY wedding is our wedding planners' specialty! Alex and Will Meet Alex and Will - the newlyweds who tied the knot on July 15th, 2017 in our Grand Ballroom. Bride Alex shared with us that The Century House made her day everything she wanted it to be. From the decorations to planning, Alex called her wedding transformation “more spectacular than imagined”. May I Have This Dance? We smiled from ear to ear when we heard Will and Alex’s engagement story! Nothing emphasizes the importance of a wedding day like meeting your future spouse at a wedding! When Alex spotted Will from across the room, she left her date to ask Will to dance. Though he first declined, further inquiry led to the two swaying the night away, right into their first date. Five years later, Will popped the question while on the Washington Park bridge, the place where he first realized he wanted Alex to be his wife. With the perfect proposal place, the couple also wanted the perfect place for their wedding...and they found their way to our house! But, this romantic story had a slight turn for the tragic, when Alex had a terrible accident at work. Wheelchair bound, Alex’s injury put off wedding plans. The wedding of their dreams started with Alex walking down the aisle, so the two delayed marriage. We were so honored to be a part of Will and Alex’s long overdue special day. Alex walked down the aisle to her groom and there was not a dry eye in the House, including ours. A Legacy of Love The couple’s connection to the House goes back generations. Alex’s parents were married at The Century House 33 years ago, which made their celebration even more special for their family and ours. The parent’s fond memories and experiences influenced the couple’s decision to celebrate at The Century House, but it was ultimately the wedding tour and the convenience of our services that sold Alex and Will. Tying the Knot Tips Alex and Will both agree that you should enjoy planning your wedding. Ignore those that say the planning experience can’t be enjoyable...because they’re wrong. Alex says, “if you pick the right venue all your ideas and dreams easily fall into place! You really can have the best day of your life without all the problems and stress!” With two wedding planners by the couple’s side for the whole journey, constantly reachable, the road to getting married was a lot sweeter! Quick Wedding Planning Pointers Wedding planner Phil Brown’s favorite recipe for a Century House wedding would be a tent ceremony with a grand ballroom reception. Phil praises this combo because it allows guests to “view the property but also creates a flowing event and lets us reveal each space one at a time. It's like three events in one!" Transforming a wedding is not just about decor, it’s about utilizing different rooms for an innovative and streamlined experience. Look at the cute homemade pink wildflower centerpieces the Meehan’s added to their rustic theme with wooden engravings to match! Will and Alex are now part of The Century House family. Now that you've seen how we transformed our House for their dream wedding, enjoy a glimpse of a magical farmhouse-style summer wedding below: [gallery link="none" size="full" ids="707,704,705,706,700,701,702,703"] Plan your dream wedding at The Century House... Call (518) 785-1857