How to Get to the Saratoga Race Course from the Albany Airport

The Saratoga Race Course conveniently located in Saratoga Springs, New York, is a beautiful and historic horse racing venue. The track first opened in 1863 and hosts races like The Travers, also known as the Midsummer Derby, which has been run every year since 1864.

To celebrate the beauty and excitement of a day at the races, people travel from all over the world, with most arriving at Albany International Airport.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to find transportation from Albany Airport to Saratoga Springs if you know where to look.

If you’re planning a trip to the Saratoga Race Course, it’s possible to round out the historical experience by staying at The Century House. Just a nine-minute drive from Albany International Airport, The Century House features a world-class restaurant, gorgeous, modernized rooms, and staff members who are happy to help guests plan a fabulous day at the races.

To begin planning your getaway, start by making a reservation today so you have a place to unwind after a day at the races — and a meal to celebrate your winnings.

Car Rental & Related Options

For visitors who prefer to drive themselves, renting a car at Albany International Airport is a simple solution. A car rental allows guests to make the 30-to-40-minute drive whenever it’s convenient.

For those who choose to rent a car, be advised that the walks from the free parking areas to the track can be long. For patrons who are unable to walk long distances or don’t mind paying to park, paid parking is available closer to the track. 

Ride Share

Using a ride share, such as Uber or Lyft, for transportation from the Albany airport to Saratoga Springs removes the need to worry about parking and navigating back and forth to the track.

With the track nearly 30 miles away, this may not be the most economical option, but it can be quite relaxing to let someone else drive.

Limousine Transportation

Nothing says luxury quite like a posh limo ride from our hotel to the track.

To really make a splash traveling from the airport to the track, consider hiring a limo. It’s a pricier option, but nothing quite beats arriving in style for a day at the races. And it’s chance for a memorable photo op at The Century House and the track.


There is something undeniably romantic about train travel today. Although the train is certainly not the fastest transportation to Saratoga Race Track from the Albany airport, the ride itself can be a fun, unique experience.

An Amtrak line runs between Albany and Saratoga Springs, but the Albany train station is a 20-minute drive from the airport, meaning it’s necessary to take a cab or ride share to the train station and then do the same to get to the track in Saratoga Springs.

Public Transportation

If plenty of travel time is built into the day, it’s possible to take public transportation from the airport to the course.

The 117 bus runs from Albany International Airport to Colonie Station, where riders would have to change to the 905 or 355 to get to Gateway Plaza, and then change to the 450 to get to Ballston Avenue and Union Street in Saratoga Springs.

Note that the last bus stop is still a 25-minute walk from the race track, so plan to use a ride share or wear good walking shoes for this option.

It may seem overwhelming to figure out the best transportation to the Saratoga race track from the Albany airport if you’ve never done it before. However, there are plenty of convenient transportation options available in the Capital District.

And the staff at The Century House will be happy to help with your plans, make a hotel reservation, and even make menu recommendations.